When I was a mere lad, music was a big part of the household. My mother had been a touring concert pianist with a bow in her hair as early as 8 years old, under the guiding and sometimes cruel hand of her teacher and mother’s Rob Davis and frank Sinatrasister, Aunt Belle. Mom finally escaped her, transforming to a singer/actress as an adult. It was in an acting workshop called “The Group” that she met my Dad, a man of many looks and voices with a photographic memory. At the time Dad was making waves in the radio business, because he could play multiple characters In a single script. It made him a valuable member of any cast and helped kick off his life-long career as a “character actor.” 

One early memory I have of our household was the ever-present music of Sinatra. While Mom continued playing classics until days before she left us, she was also smitten by Sinatra’s blue eyes, voice and style. She’d often allowed that, “If not for your Dad…” 

So it was, that while I grew up in the era of emerging rock’n roll, including Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Dion, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Frank was ever present in the background. I collected photos, records, CD’s & Videos. I wanted to be THAT cool on a stage too. But of course that is the pipe-dream of every singer!wow buy gold