Great Show! Everyone was in TOP form. I had a great time.

                                                                                                      - Bobbi Horowitz

Another wonderfully entertaining show, Rob.  Loved the variety of inspirational artists and their songs you featured and performed with such passion and joy.  Daryl, Sean and Steven were terrific as your musical accompaniment and your guest singers, Lisa and Stephen, were great.  Can't wait to enjoy the next stop on our musical journey with you.

                                                                                - Kevin Goldstein

Rob. Thanks for including me last night at your show.  It was a great night. I have been to many of your shows and for me that genre of music was number one. It was my favorite show.  I am proud to be a friend of such a star!   

                                                                                                    - Willie Esh

Rob is a wonderful entertainer and it was clear watching him that he was really having fun. He shared the music of song writers who have inspired him over the years and the songs he chose expressed all of the joy and sadness of life. Personally I was captivated from the start and it just got better as it went along. Rob doesn't just sing the songs, he seems to inhabit them with an elegance and mastery, and I thought his vocal delivery was emotional and touching. It was a very enjoyable show!


                                                                                                    Bonnie Nezaj

Wow, what an experience it was to perform the first installation of “This Is Your Song”, a celebration of the tunes of the great songwriters who have inspired me and so many others over the course of my music life, to write, perform or simply enjoy music. Hopefully it was only the first in a series that will continue to develop that theme for a long time to come.

The fact that I had the opportunity to work with two such talented individuals as my guest artists Lisa Viggiano and Stephen Hanks, added tremendously to the sheer fun of the experience and the musical texture of the show. Not to mention our amazing band consisting of my supremely talented musical director Daryl Kojak, with Sean Harkness on guitar and Steven Frieder on sax and flute  Hopefully there will be many more such happy occasions.