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Rob Davis YouTube Videos

Enjoy the best of Rob’s live performances in NYC Cabaret scene including: Rob’s originals, Doo Wops, Duets and the best of Frank Sinatra.  Rob Davis YouTube Videos

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Grateful For show by Rob Davis Music

Grateful For

Grateful For ...

Thanks to all of those who attended Rob’s show  Grateful For…

Thanks to all of those who attended Rob’s new show:

Grateful For…

performed  this past Nov. and Dec. at Pangea

All proceeds go to the prevention & treatment of child abuse

Rob Davis and Stephen Hanks at Pangea Nov 22 2016

Celebrating with my friend Rob Davis at Pangea after his fun and entertaining November 22nd show "Grateful For "

- Stephen Hanks

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Grateful For show by Rob Davis Music

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Marilyn Maya and Rob Davis Music

Marilyn Maye

The Incomparable Marilyn Maye

Friend, Teacher and Mentor

My Story of Marilyn Maye

by Rob Davis

I’ve known Marilyn Maye since the Fall of 2013. We met in a most serendipitous and propitious way. I was at my first cabaret “open mic” at the Metropolitan Room. I’d read in a TimeOut Magazine that they held them twice a month and decided to go check out the scene, to decide if I wanted to go back and actually perform myself. I was in for quite a surprise.

The show itself is a parade of wonderful characters there to have their shot at going up on that stage where many great ones have tread, to sing their song, and practice their performance skills. Some are quite experienced and go to try out new material, or work on an upcoming show, while others may be first timers like me. It’s quite nice, in that people are able to get in front of an audience made up of others like themselves, who provide a safe and nurturing place to do so.

Marilyn Maye Performing at 54 Below in NYC April 18,  2017
as recorded by Rob Davis

So there I was, watching it unfold and regretting that I’d chickened out, when lightning struck in the person of Marilyn Maye. I learned later that Deb Berman, the woman who organizes the Sunday sessions, also works with Marilyn when she’s in NYC headlining at one of the top clubs. And when the timing was right, Marilyn would stop by the Metropolitan Room during the open mic to support Deb’s efforts, When one of the singers finished, Deb got up as always to introduce the next one, but this time said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to let you know that we have a surprise guest today, my friend and mentor, the incredible Marilyn Maye.”

Everyone hooted and stamped their feet and clapped like crazy.

Marylin Maye - Girl Singer.

Produced in 1970 by Joe Rene and Jim Foglesong, this was Marilyn’s last album for RCA.

I was wondering what he hullabaloo was all about as I saw an older, very sharply put together woman ascend to the stage and go into her first song. “My god” I thought. “This person is amazing!” She was also charming and heartfelt, and following her three songs, she gave an inspirational talk urging everyone to pursue their dreams. She also mentioned that she was in town to do a show at Birdland, which became just the first of many MM shows I have seen since.

Following the open mic, I asked Deb about Marilyn, and learned that she was giving a Master Class the next weekend. I signed right up. When I attended the master class, where I got up to work with Marilyn on two songs, she mentioned that she’d be giving some private coaching lessons the following week. That’s how it started.

Since then I have been to many Master Classes and had even more private coaching sessions in my quest to improve my cabaret performance skills. I’ve also produced quite a few of my own shows and appeared as a guest in the show’s of other performers at venues including that same Metropolitan Room, Don’t tell Mama on 46th street’s Restaurant Row, upstairs at Etc, Etc on West 44th and Pangea in the East Village.

Seeing Marilyn perform, is literally like watching a female version of Sinatra, in terms of her comfort on stage, the way she connects with her audience, her phrasing and the quality of her voice. During Johnny Carson’s reign on late night TV, Marilyn appeared more than 70 times on his show, more than any other singer. She has also been referred to as the greatest white jazz singer ever.

To fully explain the magnitude of this vignette, I must add that when I met Marilyn she had just turned 85, and further that on April 17, 2017, I saw her show at Michael Feinstein’s 54 Below, days after her 89th birthday. In fact, these videos come from that show, in which she absolutely kicked some serious ass. Moreover, I think it was one of the best Marilyn Maye performances I’ve seem… AT 89 YEARS OLD!!! If that doesn’t give you some serious inspiration, to shake off the cobwebs and get out there to pursue your dream, nothing ever will! I sincerely hope that it works! 🙂

For myself, all I can say is, thank God I went to that open mic!!!

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Marilyn’s first RCA album was recorded in New York’s Webster Hall in 1965. It was produced by Joe Rene and featured arrangements by both Don Costa and Manny Albam. Not surprisingly Steve Allen authored the album notes, which ended with Allen penning “All in all, this is probably the best damned vocal album of 1965–so there.”

Returning to RCA’s Studio A and B the following year (1968), Marilyn and Joe Rene again collaborated on this album, with Rene not only producing it but also arranging and conducting several of the recordings, along with Glenn Osser and Frank Hunter. The album notes bore only one line: “Let’s Call Her Super-Singer.” It was signed by Johnny Carson.

Again joining forces, Marilyn and Joe Rene collaborated on this second 1967 album, which was produced at Webster Hall and RCA’s Studio A in New York City. The album featured arrangements by Jimmy Wisner, Claus Ogerman, Marty Manning and Sid Bass, all of whom also shared the conducting. Mickey Crofford, who had been the recording engineer on all of Marilyn’s previous albums, was joined by Ed Begley.

Who the Heck is Marilyn Maye? She Made More Appearances on The Tonight Show Than Anyone Else!


Written by BIG CHUCK of CNY News February 15, 2013 

While reading a history of the Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show I stumbled upon an odd fact.

It said that…”singer Marilyn Maye, one of Johnny’s personal favorites  made 76 appearances on the show, which is a record for any entertainer on the show.”  My first thought was “who the heck is Marilyn Maye?”  I feel I know my entertainment  history pretty darn well. But how could I have never heard of the singer who made more appearances on one of my favorite shows than anybody else?

So, I did some research.   Marilyn Maye was a popular supper club singer and musical theater performer.  She starred in traveling productions of Mame, CanCan, Oklahoma and Hello, Dolly!  She made more than a dozen record albums for RCA Records.  In 1965 she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.  She has been honored by musical societies all across the United States “for her body of work and her enduring contributions to the American Musical Songbook.”  Marilyn Maye turns 85 years old next month.

This is a pretty impressive factoid…”the most appearances ever on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.”

Cabaret Beats Cancer

Cabaret Beats Cancer: Rob Davis Music

Erin Cronican is a lovely, multi-talented, actress, director, writer, coach and all-around terrific person. She is also locked in a battle for her life with the breast cancer beast, and undergoing radiation treatment and chemo therapy. Because she makes her living by virtue of her talent and her wits, in spite of her courageous effort, and fighting spirit, the battle has taken a toll on her savings and her strength. Hence the golden opportunity for friends past, present and future to step forward and join this initiative to bolster Erin’s forces to “Crush The Beast!!!”

Please vist the Crowdrise Fundraising Platform for Erin at
 to make a contribution.

Many great artists contributed to making this event a special time for a great cause.  Thanks to them all:

PianoBlair Brown, Jeff Cubeta, Jim Lahti, Barry Levitt, Matthew Martin Ward, Bill Zeffiro
Bass: Sean Conly, Saadi Zain
Saxophone: Stephen Frieder
Singers: Richie Eisenberg, Janice Hall, Mary Lahti, Carolyn Montgomery-Forant, Marissa Mulder, Candice Oden, Sarah Rice, Adam Shapiro, Tanya Moberly, Walter Willison, Zach Wobensmith
Graphic Design: Adam Shapiro
Public Relations: Stephen Hanks
Consulting: Tanya Moberly
Video Services: Stephen Bustamonte, Natasha Castillo
Photography: Maryann Lopinto

Rob Davis and Lisa Viggiano & Stephen Hanks in This is Your Song

This is Your Song

Rob’s 2016 Birthday Celebration This is Your Song

Wow, what an experience it was to perform the first installation of  This Is Your Song, a celebration of the tunes of the great songwriters who have inspired me and so many others over the course of my music life, to write, perform or simply enjoy music. Hopefully it was only the first in a series that will continue to develop that theme for a long time to come.

The fact that I had the opportunity to work with two such talented individuals as my guest artists Lisa Viggiano and Stephen Hanks, added tremendously to the sheer fun of the experience and the musical texture of the show. Not to mention our amazing band consisting of my supremely talented musical director Daryl Kojak, with Sean Harkness on guitar and Steven Frieder on sax and flute  Hopefully there will be many more such happy occasions.

Rob Davis @ Metropolitan Room | May 31st, 2016 | Reprise - Your Song

Rob was joined by guest artists including Musical Director extraordinaire Daryl Kojak, guitar wizard Sean Harknessthe saxophone artistry of Steven Friedersongbird Lisa Viggiano & electrifying Stephen Hanks, for an evening of great music from the songwriters who have influenced Rob and so many, over the course of his musical life.

Rob Davis @ Metropolitan Room | May 31st, 2016 | Willy Nelson Medley

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Rob's Shows

Rob's Shows

November and December of 2016

The Metropolitan Room

34 WEST 22ND ST., NEW YORK, NY 10010 (212.206.0440)

The Metropolitan Room – It’s where the action is! This Flatiron “class act” aims to revive the “golden age of cabaret” as “up-and-coming stars” and “renowned performers” alike take the stage in an “intimate” room with “great acoustics”; run with “professionalism” by a “gracious staff”, it’s “worth every penny” for a “sophisticated” night out. – ZAGAT 2014

The Metropolitan Room
The Best 50 Jazz Clubs in American

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Happy Birthday Tracy Titus

Frank, Billie and Me

Rob’s Birthday Celebration “Frank, Billie and Me”

The story behind the name of the show was to celebrate the music of two of Rob’s favorite singers, the incomparable Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. Both would have turned 100 in 2015 if they were still with us and Rob turned 70, hence the big birthday idea!. Rob wanted a show about the music of Frank & Billie plus the songs they would have been singing if (in Rob’s imagination) they had met Rob before they moved on 🙂 Perhaps an overly-active imagination, but heck, ya gotta dream big! 

 Frank, Billie and Me was performed on

November 10, 2015 at The Metropolitan Room

 November 16, 2015 at Etc, Etc, Etc & on

February 4, 2016 at Don’t Tell Mama.

The show featured special guest artists including stellar Musical Director Daryl Kojak, Steven Frieder on Sax, Sean Conly on Base & Dwayne Cook on Drums; plus the 2015 MetroStar winning singer Minda Larsen, the enchanting Crystal Maldonado & Billie’s soul sister herself, Tracy Titus. In the last show on Feb 4th the fabulous Lisa Viggiano joined us as well.


The benefitting charities were Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children – and 

The New York Center For Children –

Both organizations are devoted to the mission of saving children from the trauma of abuse.

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You’re The One Show

Rob’s First Show “You’re The One”: How it All Came together

I had first become interested in Cabaret in the summer of 2013, and begun participating in various “open mic” opportunities around the city. At most of them you are asked the question, “So what do you have coming up? Any shows?” By mid-2014 I was running out of ways to say, “Yea, still in the planning stage.” But toward the end of that year I was also starting to feel like it really was time.

There was a moment around the first week in December, when I decided to check out availability at The Metropolitan Room, on 22nd St between 5th & 6th. It was where I first stepped on a stage to sing a song in Cabaret style, and where I had attended more open mic than any other similar space. It is also a very attractive room and is configured in an artist-friendly way that I liked.

So I went to the website to see what my choices were, for when I could possibly, if I really decided to go for it, do my first show! While I was logging in I had a conversation going on in my head. “Well, I’d need a week-night date since a lot of my crowd are business and philanthropy friends who work in the city and would be more likely to come during the week. And I’d need a 7PM time-slot so those who came would still be able to make it home at a reasonable hour.” On and on I went while my computer was connecting.

What I found was that they were booked at 7PM on week nights solidly until the late Spring! There was literally only one date open, but it was more than a stretch for me to even consider it. People took months to plan out all the details of a show. A there are the song charts to develop, musicians to line up, rehearsals to organize, and perhaps most important of all, promotion of the  show to fill up the seats! I’d been to a number of shows of other singers that were sparsely attended, and I imagined it must be disheartening to the performer to look out at empty seats after all the work and expense they’d put in.

That date in question, the only one availably until July, was January 14, 2015. Keep in mind that it was now December 8, 2014. If I took that date, it would give me barely more than one month to pull the entire show together, the show that would launch my “true” presence on the NY Cabaret Scene.

Rob Davis Shows at the Metropolitan room

Madness??? I suppose. However, in spite of the misgivings I swung into action. I called the Metropolitan Room and asked them to put a hold on the 1/14/15 date to give me a couple of days to make sure I could line up the crucial people I needed. My first call was to Daryl Kojak, a terrific  Musical Director I had started working with a few months before. Luckily for me, he was available on the 14th. He felt we should have at least two other musicians in the band, who turned out to be base player Sean Conly and percussionist Rex Benincasa, both outstanding at their craft. I added my favorite Sax player Steven Frieder.

Daryl had been working with me on developing the arrangements and creating the sheet music for several of the songs I had written. I could play them on my guitar and had the music and lyrics in my head, but Daryl helped bring them alive with more refined arrangements and very professional looking sheet music. We’d also been working on a few standards that I’d been performing at various “open mics” around the city. So the good news was that I already had almost enough material for a show.

Joining me for my first show was an amazing group of artists:
 Steven Frieder on Saxophone; Sean Conly on Bass; Rex Benincasa on Percussion.

And two amazing singers, standouts in the Cabaret world: Marissa Mulder and Minda Larsen.

By this point Daryl had worked on quite a few songs with me, both originals and standards, so he was way up the learning curve on my singing style and music. Importantly, we already had a repertoire of songs to chose from to fashion a show, so no need to start from scratch. But most of all, we were very compatible. From a personality standpoint he was very easy for me to work with. When he picked up and I asked what he was doing on Jan 14th, he put me on hold to check his schedule. When he picked up, he said, “I was booked but they just cancelled, so looks like I’m free! What’s up?”

So that was that. There would be a show of some sort on Jan 14,2015. Now I had to figure out what to call it, what songs, would I have guests, how would I get the word out, etc., etc., etc!!!

Daryl Kojak Rehearsal with Rob Davis


Sunrise Association – Bringing back the joys of childhood to children with cancer through the Sunrise Day Camps, and In-Hospital Recreational Activities.

Empowering Development Alternatives – Offering secondary education to orphans and vulnerable children in rural Uganda, with the mission of breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering children to reach their potential.

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Rob Davis Music Photos Live Performance

Friends of Rob Davis Music

Friends of Rob

The Team from "Rob's Big Birthday Celebration, Frank & Billie & Me"
from left - Steven Frieder, Sean Conly, Minda Larsen, Rob, Crystal Maldonado, Daryl Kojak, Tracy Titus, Dwayne Cook

Friends of Rob Davis Music

Friends of Rob Davis Music

Marissa Mulder - A star in her own right. Winner of the 2013 Metro-Star Challenge, The Mabel Mercer Award, The MAC award for the best show of 2014. And the accolades go on and on. Possessor of an amazing voice you can’t get tired of listening to and wonderful stage presence.

Thankfully she has also been a guest performer in my past shows and will hopefully be so in my future cabaret endeavors as well.

Daryl Kojak - Accompanist, composer, Music Director of both my shows and transcriber and engraver of all my sheet music. Music Director of the Michael Feinstein Summer youth Program.

Minda Larsen - When people hear Minda sing the first words out of their mouth is, “Wow, she’s got some pipes!!!” And does she ever, plus color, grace, intelligence and a wonderful personality. Minda has been in several of my shows, Won The Metro-Sta Challenge in 2015, travels the world as a headline cruise ship performer, is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music as an opera major who can still pull off the arias, but has also transitioned, and how, to become a terrific jazz singer and interpreter of the Great American Song Book. Plus, very significantly, as of the beginning of 1016, she is also now my official voice teacher!  Go Minda!

Marilyn Maye - Super Star cabaret performer. On Johnny Carson 76 times,  more than any other female performer. 93 year-old kick-ass headliner who works constantly. Brilliant mentor, teacher, director to many. Revered for her extraordinary audience communication, stage presence and performance skills. To my great good fortune, Marilyn has been my music and performing mentor, coach, arranger and friend. All I can say is how grateful I am!

Sean Conly -  Born in Gunnison Colorado, Sean Conly started his love of music at a very young age.The son of a pianist and an artist Sean grew up around band rehearsals and concerts, experiencing the the early 70’s in the last glow of hippiedom. By the age of six He started playing guitar and writing songs trying to be in turn each of the Beatles.


Since then he has gone on to tour the world and/or record with such artists as Gregory Tardy, Freddie Hubbard, Regina Carter, Ray Barretto,  Charles Blenzig, Michael Franks, Tom Harrell, Andrew Hill, Nicholas Payton, Stefon Harris,Yoron Israel, Eric Lewis, Deidre Murray, John Mcneil, Timucin Sahin, James Moody , Mike Stern, Rick Margitza, Michael Attias, Tony Malaby , Myron Walden, Phillip Harper, Russ Lossing,  Anthony Coleman, Avishai Cohen (trpt), Ayelte Rose Gottleib, Vana Gehrig Trio, Darius Jones, Ken Vandermark/Steve Swell Quartet, GrassRoots with Darius jones Chad Taylor and Alex Harding, High Low Brow with Mike Pride and Mary Halvorson, Think Shadow with Michael Attias, and many others.

Dwayne  "Cook" Broadnax Dwayne teaches drums and percussion LIU Brooklyn and received his B.A. in Performance (Jazz) from Berklee College of Music. He currently works with the jazz vocalist Little Jimmy Scott. He has also played with such artists as Kevin Eubanks, Johnny Copeland, Savion Glover, Eartha Kitt, Rachell Ferrell and tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacket to name a few. Mr. Broadnax has recorded with the great actress/model/singer Vanessa Williams, Jimmy Scott, Vanessa Rubin and Johnny Copelan. Mr. Broadnax has performed in the block buster hit movie Malcom X by Spike Lee.

Steven Frieder - Has established himself in the professional music scene as an exceptional, versatile saxophonist. Fluent in the styles of Jazz, Funk, Latin, Rock and free improvisation, his robust, old school sound speaks far beyond his years. Steven is an alumnus of the The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and also studied at the Manhattan School of Music.

 Frank & Billie & Me  The music of Sinatra & Billie Holiday and the songs they would have sung had they met Rob before they moved on. In the show Rob & Crystal did their "All The Way" medley, duet. Then Crystal sang a moving rendition of Rob's original song "Rain", and brought the house down with her "Summertime"

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Rob Davis Music Videos, Minda Larsen and Rob Davis Music

Rob Davis Music Videos




Rob Davis Videos

Rob Davis Duets

Rob Songs Performed by Other Singers

Rob’s other Performances

Rob’s R&B/Electro/House Performances

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Rob Davis Videos

Rob Davis video

My music life started when I began to play the trumpet and sing in chorus in the 4th grade. Over the years, amongst school, relationships, children, career and other matters of life,  music has always had a role of some magnitude. Primary influences include Elvis, Sinatra, Dillon, Beatles, Cat Stevens, John Denver, Carol King, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Elton John. More recently, John Legend, Usher, and other contemporary artists have weighed in.

Over time, I have written many songs, most of which will probably stay in the notebook, but there are a few, I am embarrassed to admit, that I could listen to several times in a day, then wake up the next day and do it again :)! Right now, I’m on a particular kick to give that part of my life greater focus and energy. So far its been all good.

This website and other steps I’m taking constitute giving that effort shape and direction in the new and rapidly changing world of music. It is not possible to know where it might lead and at this point I’m not at all concerned about that. I am simply devoted to doing my best to produce terrific songs that provide joy to whoever hears them, and let the chips fall where they will.

Right now for example, I’d be really happy if anyone was to listen to a few songs and say, “Wow! This is really good stuff”, and send me a note to that effect. If that were to happen I’d be thrilled. If one was to purchase the album or a track, well that would be over the moon! Finally, delirious is the best word to describe how it would feel if they liked my songs enough, that they then passed the link on to their friends and suggested that they too might like to have a listen. After all, if it is to happen for an indie artist like me, that’s what it takes.

Will any of that happen? Will anyone else like the songs as much as I do, as that is the acid test? Who knows, but so far the effort has already been immensely rewarding and the feedback encouraging. So thank you for your visit here. My hope is that you found it worthwhile and will return. Meanwhile, best to you in your own quest for creative self expression, in whatever ways bring you joy. My hope would be that if appropriate, you would also share them with me. In the meantime…

Warmest Regards,