Mama's Next Big Act IIIFor a Great NY Evening on June 13that Don't Tell Mama

Hey, Its time for the annual, NYC cabaret singer’s terrific contest, “Mama’s Next Big Act”, which I am optimistically entering for the third time! This is a really fun event that draws some amazing talent! Since “Hope Springs Eternal”, and with “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” type logic, I’m gonna give it another shot.

 It’s the third year of the contest as well as my third try. To be honest, while I did pretty well the first year, making the Top 10, I got smoked last year, being summarily dismissed after the second round! I said optimistically before, because the group last year was loaded with REALLY talented people, and I figure it has to tail off at least a little….right??? Ha, Ha, Fat Chance!

 Anyway, gonna give it my best shot, and decided I was going to stick only with my original songs throughout! That way I figure that as long as the judges have good taste they’ll HAVE to keep bringing me back, RIGHT? What? In my dreams??? Hey! No way!!! J

 So if you want to have a fun evening and hear some inspiring talents sing some great songs, come on out and join us. The audience even gets to vote for their favorite, and whether that turns out to be me or one of the others (OMG Did I Really Say That???), you will definitely get to put in your Two Cents! What a deal!

 Its gets pretty jammed up so if you want to come, which I’m hoping (familiar faces really help) please go to; click on SHOWS; Then find June 13th and reserve yourself a seat!

 Warm wishes,



Grateful For Show on November 22, 2016

Grateful For Show on November 22, 2016